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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Year 2 Summer Term - April 2021


We are very much looking forward to an action packed final term in Year 2!  Below is an overview of this term's exciting topics.  Please also visit the curriculum pages and read our 'knowledge organisers' for more information about this term's learning.  



Each day children will enjoy a 'Read, Write Inc' lesson.  Children will learn new sounds and use Fred Talk to read a variety of words. We will also participate in a variety of reading activities that will develop our reading fluency and comprehension skills.  Children reading red, green, purple, pink or orange books will bring a new reading book home approximately every three days.  If your child is reading a yellow, blue or grey book they will bring a new book home approximately every five days.  We will continue to send Literacy related homework, e.g. vocabulary, each Friday via our online learning platform ClassDojo. 


In addition to our Read Write Inc lessons we also enjoy a daily Read to Write lesson.


This term we will be following the Read to Write units:


The King Who Banned The Dark

  • A banning narrative (revision on skills previously learnt)  

  • A letter (Purpose- to inform)

Rosie Revere 

  • An invention narrative (purpose- to narrate)

  • An explanation (Purpose- to explain) 



This term we will be continuing to use White Rose Maths.  We will be teaching:

  • Properties of shape

  • Fractions

  • Revision of Addition and subtraction 

  • Revision of Multiplication and division 


Each week on our ‘Learning Together’ sheet we will provide details of the maths work undertaken in class.  This can be accessed via our online learning platform Class Dojo.   Weekly homework is also set via activities shared on your child's personal portfolio on Class Dojo.


If you require any support with Class Dojo please speak to your child’s class teacher.



This term our Focus is ‘Living Things and their Habitats’, how they grow and their basic needs.

We will look at a variety of animals, mini-beasts and plants and identify different types.  We will use scientific vocabulary to describe our investigations.

Children should be able to:

  • Explore and compare the differences between things that are living, dead, and things that have never been alive.

  • Identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats.

  • Describe how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals, using the idea of a simple food chain, and identify and name different sources of food.


Geography & History

In History (first half term) we will enjoy travelling back in time and researching the life of 'Sir Alfred Jones' and the impact he had on the history of Liverpool.

In Geography (second half term) we will continue to develop our mapping skills.  We will be comparing and contrasting a known locality (Liverpool/Garston) with a contrasting locality (Tocuaro, Mexico). 



Online Safety runs through all of our lessons, focusing on what we do if we see something we don't like when using a range of technologies and who we can talk to about it. Each half term there is a focused Online Safety lesson, including cyber bullying. This term we will be thinking about online bullying and our online reputation. We will also be learning about pictograms, collecting data in tally charts and using attributes to organise and present data on a computer.


Art & Design Technology

We will enjoy learning about local Liverpool artists Stef Dekker, Rebecca Madigan and the Singh Twins, and their amazing art work. We will be looking closely at a variety of Liverpool buildings, as well as pattern, colour and shade. The children will revisit colour mixing skills, and develop their ability to work with shade, pattern and tone. This will culminate in the children designing their own artwork in the style of Sandra Hepworth.  


This terms DT topic is "Perfect Pizzas!" We will be thinking about the different foods and food groups that are important to ensure a healthy and balanced diet.  We will also enjoy tasting and evaluating a range of breads and  pizza toppings  We will go on to design, make , taste and evaluate our own healthy pizzas! 



We will be learning about the dimensions of music such as pulse, rhythm and pitch. We will sing, play instruments and compose music based around the song 'Zootime' by Joanna Mangona. We will listen to, appraise and enjoy different styles of Reggae music.



We are athletes!  In athletics, we will be developing the sprinting action, as well as techniques for jumping for height and distance. We will also be learning how to throw for accuracy or for distance, and then compiling these techniques when taking part in an athletics carousel.

With our sports coach we will be enjoying tennis lessons, practising a variety of skills, such as aiming and throwing. We will further develop our agility, balance, co-ordination, passing, dodging and communication skills.  The children will also have the opportunity to compete against their peers in a tennis tournament.   



Throughout the curriculum there is a strong focus on PHSE (Personal Health, Social and Emotional) learning. This term we will be thinking about  ‘Relationships’, we will explore different social situations and work together to problem-solve to find solutions in relationships. Throughout our ‘Changing Me’ topic, we will explore our likes and dislikes, our gender identity and how we feel about getting older.  We will think about acceptance and tolerance in learning about people's ideas and feelings. 







If you wish to discuss any aspect of the curriculum please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher. 



Things to bring to school

  • Gilmour School book bag

  • A water-proof raincoat

  • Water bottle (no screw tops please)

  • Gilmour School P.E. Kit in a school P.E. bag, including black pumps and outdoor trainers 

  • Wellington Boots



Things to practise at home


  • Formation of letters/numbers and handwriting ( please see handwriting policy)

  • 4 operations in maths e.g. column addition and subtraction, arrays for multiplication and sharing/grouping for division.

  • Common Exception Words- this does not need to be written! 

  • Understanding of reading (school reader/library book/reading for pleasure)

  • Question children about specific vocabulary pointed out on the 'Learning Together' sheet and on knowledge organisers

Our Classroom doors are always open if you need any help, guidance or support.

Miss Duffy, Miss Mcloughlin, Miss Calvert, Miss Beentje and the Year 2 Team

Year 2 National Curriculum Overview