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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Mrs Keenan, Mrs Murray, Mr Fidler, Mrs Gould, Mr Doran and Mrs Lekal would like to welcome you to our new Year 1 web page.


Spring Term 2020

Throughout the year we will keep you up to date with all the amazing learning that is taking place in class.

We have planned lots of exciting learning opportunities throughout this term and can't wait to share these with the children. Please see below to see what we'll be up to over the next term.



This term the children will focus their writing on the following areas:

Stories with familiar settings

Poetry - pattern and rhyme

Stories from a range of cultures


Reading books should continue to be brought in each day and children will be listened to read each week either individually or as part of a group. Children should continue to access lots of further reading material using their online "Bug Club" login.



This term our Maths focus will be on the following areas:

Multiplication and division



Children can use their logins to our online Maths homework "My Maths". Our weekly "Learning Together" sheets will provide details of what we have been learning throughout the week.



In Science our topic is "Animals, including humans". We will be identifying and naming different animals, reptiles, birds and fish. The children will explore their senses and say which sense is associated with which body part. 

Throughout the year we will be observing changes across the four seasons and will be visiting our adopted tree to describe the changes.


Geography & History

During the first half term we will be focusing on Geography and looking at the United Kingdom. The children will learn the four countries, capital cities, characteristics and the surrounding seas. During our 'Around the World' week children will experience learning about another country from around the world.

During the second half term we will be focusing on our History topic. The children will be exploring the life of two significant people, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. They will compare and contrast their lives and gain an understanding as to why they are significant.



 The children will be given the opportunity to use both laptops and Beebots this term. They will be developing the basics of using a laptop by opening software, typing, changing font and saving work.

Through the use of Beebots, the children will be programming a toy to follow a set of instructions (algorithm). They will debug their program and predict how it will work.


Online Safety runs through all of our lessons, focusing on what we do if we see something we don't like when using a range of technologies and who we can talk to about it. Each half term there is a focused Online Safety lesson.


Art & Design Technology

During the first half term we will be focusing on our Art topics of 'Self Portraits' (1K & 1F) and 'Colour Creations' (1B). We will create our own pieces of art in the style of famous artists such as Mondrian and Kandinsky. 

During the second half term, in our Design and Technology lessons our topic will be "Eat more fruit and vegetables". The children will examine, taste and describe a variety of fruits. They will design, prepare and evaluate a recipe that includes fruit or vegetables.



This term we will be using Charanga online program to learn the song Round and Round, a Bossa Nova Latin style song. The children will focus on pulse, rhythm and pitch.



The children will enjoy a range of outdoor and indoor sports activities led by our coaches Mr Whelan and Mr Burke, alongside movement and dance. 



This term there will be a strong focus on P.H.S.E. Our topics will be "Dreams and Goals" and "Healthy Me". The children will be looking at setting goals for themselves and identifying successes and achievements as well as tackling challenges and identifying and overcoming obstacles. During our "HealthyMe" topic the children will explore how they can keep themselves healthy and safe. 



During this term we will cover Prayer, including how people pray, what people use to help them pray and why people pray. We will look at the Easer story and why Palm Sunday is celebrated and what Easter eggs symbolise.




Things to bring to school every day

School coat

Gilmour school book bag with reading book

Water bottle

Gilmour School P.E. kit in school kit bag with black P.E. pumps and trainers for outdoor lessons

Wellington boots




Things to practise every day

Correct letter and number formation

Reading for pleasure (school book, library book or Bug Club)

Answering questions about their book (What might happen next? Why did the character do that?)

Spelling Year 1 tricky words

My Maths homework



Our Classroom doors are always open if you need any help, guidance or support.

Mrs Keenan, Mr Fidler and the Year 1 Team