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Gilmour Infant School

Learning Together, Growing Together

Visions and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

A Child's View of the School Aims

What do the "School Aims" mean and what are the people in my School doing for me?


  • Making school an exciting place to be, a place where I feel proud of my work displayed on the walls and of keeping my classroom tidy.
  • Making school a place where I am happy and safe when I play and work, knowing that no-one will hurt me or make me sad.
  • Making my learning interesting and lots of fun, including visits out of school and visitors to school.
  • Giving me work that is not too easy but which makes me think hard before I can finish.
  • Encourage me to have a go and saying well done where I have tried my best so that I will always love coming to school and learning new things.
  • Telling me what I am good at, showing me what I have to do to get better and then giving me work that will help me improve a little bit every day, and all the time telling me how well I am doing and helping me when I need it.
  • Taking time to notice me, to listen to me and to make me feel important and special by always telling me how good I am at everything and how hard I am trying. Then choosing me to take part in the special Praise Assembly in front of all the school.
  • Making me believe that I can do something even when I think it is too hard so that I always have a go and am not worried about getting it wrong.
  • Making me always want to do my very best.
  • Making sure my family know what I am trying to do, how well I am doing and how they can help me to get better.
  • Giving me a chance to tell people how I am feeling about my school so that they can make it even better for me.