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Gilmour Infant School

Learning Together, Growing Together

Visions and Values

Learning Together  ♦ Growing Together


Gilmour Infant School is a welcoming, safe, stimulating and supportive environment where children enjoy learning and achieve their academic, social, moral and spiritual potential.  We believe education is the foundation to a bright future and we are committed to providing outstanding teaching and learning.  We are passionate about inspiring children, it is essential to their success.  Confident, motivated and resilient children accomplish remarkable things! 


•To provide a safe, happy, stimulating and supportive environment 

•To promote a life-long love of learning

•To make everyone feel valued and special 

•To be accepting of one another

•To celebrate successes and promote a 'can do' attitude 

•To provide a rich and challenging education that promotes self-belief, resilience and 


•To work as partners with Staff, Governors, Parents and the wider community 

Core Values - we have 6 simple values 



Appreciation and respect is at the heart of our school.  Everyone is polite, kind, we consider peoples' feelings and treat others the way we like to be treated ourselves. We are grateful and appreciative of the environment and are respectful towards it. We celebrate and respect diversity in race, culture, religion and gender. 



We promote and nurture resilience.  We teach children to persevere when faced with a difficulty or challenge and not to give up at the first stumbling block.  We encourage children to become independent learners and welcome challenge in a safe and encouraging environment.



We have fun while we learning.  Having fun while learning helps children to retain knowledge because the process is enjoyable and memorable.  Children are more willing to take risks and participate if they feel happy. Feeling content reduces stress and supports a healthy outlook on life.  



We strive for our children to be emotionally and physically safe in school, at home and when out in the community.  We teach our children how to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations.  School is a safe environment where children can talk about their feelings.  Teaching children about their feelings and helping children express their emotions supports their safety and life-long emotional wellbeing.  


Ambition - Reach for the Stars!

We believe that almost anything is possible and with determination we can achieve our goals.  We aim high, work hard and try our best in all we do.  We set children challenges to stretch them and celebrate their success. 



We believe that everyone is unique and is one of a kind.  We encourage and nurture originality, enquiry, risk-taking, critical thinking and self expression.  Children are encouraged to develop strong relationships, have a strong sense of worth and understand how they contribute to school life.