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Welcome to the Science page!

Here you will find all about the exciting things we do in our Science lessons! For any more information please speak to Miss Orford, who is based in Reception. 



Science Intentions At Gilmour Infant School


'Science is built up of facts as a house is of stones, but a collection of facts is no more a science than a pile of stones is a house.'

Henri Poincare, La Science et l’Hypothese (1908)


At Gilmour, we strive to enable children to build on their natural curiosity and to shape it into scientific enquiry. We nurture inquisitive minds to go from wondering ‘what if?’ to ‘lets find out’. Science is a hands on subject where each lesson provides new avenues for children to explore. Our children observe and ask questions with intrigue and excitement. We scaffold learning and skills so that children develop their understanding of the world around them with a critical eye, as well as building the confidence needed to carry out their own experiments. Children explore, collect evidence and test their own hypotheses. Science is about asking good questions, suggesting possible explanations, and then testing them to see if they make sense, and there is no one more naturally equipped to do this than children.

Implementing Science 


We love Science! Science lessons are always fun, inclusive, and offer children a physical, practical way to learn.

We have a hands on approach to teaching Science and aren't afraid of getting dirty! All children take part in investigations and reflect on their own learning. We develop children's skills and knowledge in all lessons and encourage children to monitor their own progress. We follow the 'Switched on Science' Scheme of work which we enhance through different resources and one off lessons. Science is typically taught once a week but is sometimes clustered together for certain projects. Keep an eye out for more information on your child's 'Learning Together' Sheet, which is sent home on Friday each week.