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Miss Orford, Mrs West, Miss Davies, Mrs Bacon, Miss Woods and Mrs Slater 

would like to welcome you all to our reception web page.

Communication and Language

Communication and Language underpins all aspects of the EYFS. We create opportunities for Communication and Language every day by providing an engaging and stimulating learning environment.

We celebrate our children and their families by sharing our 'Home School Link' books with a talk partner every week. We practice listening to our partner and asking them questions about their news.

We love to read and spend time sharing stories as a class every day. We use puppets, role-play and masks to retell and create our own stories in our indoor and outdoor Reading Areas.

We spend time singing songs and nursery rhymes or listening to poetry every day. 


This term we are diving into reading more non-fiction texts. We are reading about plants and animals and even having a go at writing our very own information texts. We are practicing saying our days of the week and using the words ‘tomorrow’, ‘yesterday’ and ‘the day after that’. We are really broadening our use of vocabulary by exploring all the interesting words we read during our Literacy Counts unit of work. This, alongside our WellComm interventions, has had a really positive impact on our communication and language skills. We practice using these words with our talk partners before we write them in sentences.  We have enjoyed exploring familiar places such as Croxteth Farm, Sefton Park and Dobbies in our classroom Roleplay Areas.

Communication And Language

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) supports children to understand and talk about their feelings and learn about 'right' and 'wrong', Through our weekly 'Jigsaw' lessons, class discussions, stories and model play we learn to get on with others and make friends whilst also developing independence and to ultimately feel good about themselves.  Our children learn ‘Self Regulation’ and begin to understand their own feelings as well as the feelings of others. We start our year by learning about The Colour Monster and use this as a tool to support conversations about emotions throughout the year. Through 'Calming Time' and 'Heart Maths', we teach skills for children to use when they are feeling upset or frustrated. We harbour our school’s core values, especially being resilient when challenges occur.


In addition to all of the above, we are learning about being safe online. We are discussing safe passwords and what to do if we see something we don’t like. Through stories and discussions we talk about consent and what it means. We talk about all being equal and celebrate our own uniqueness. We treat everyone the same even though we are all different and unique! During Health and safety week we will continue to learn how to be a safe pedestrian and how we can help others to cross roads safely. We also learn about taking care of our environment, including the importance of putting rubbish in the bin and how to recycle. We continue to enjoy our JIGSAW lessons in which we discuss ideas such as how to be a good friend and how to solve problems with our friends when they occur.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development

We create exciting opportunities for the children to develop their gross and fine motor skills every day.

We love to climb on the Adventure Playground, ride on the bikes and scooters and play ball games with our friends in the outdoor area.

We encourage each child to be resilient by independently getting changed into their waterproof clothes and wellies every day.

We use a range of tools such as knives and forks, pens, pencils, scissors and paintbrushes to create different effects during play.


This term we are practicing our throwing and catching skills during our PE lessons. We will be learning how to aim as we throw and catch balls and bean bags at different targets. We will also be learning how to make our movements flow during dance lessons and practicing we will combine different movements for effect. We will continue to develop our body strength and practice balancing. We will also continue to work on our letter formation and practice correctly writing each letter so that it is easy to read.

Physical Development

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive Arts and Design encourages children to explore, engage with and respond to different forms of art. We love sharing songs, nursery rhymes and poems with each other every day. We listen and respond to different styles of music during our weekly music lessons and learn to sing along with nursery rhymes and action songs. We love to engage in imaginative play in our indoor and outdoor Role Play and Small World Areas, working together to develop our own stories and ideas. We make our own art in the Creative Area, combining a range of different materials and techniques to express our ideas.


Our children are enjoying learning to use our glockenspiels! They can keep a beat or rhythm whilst also choosing which type of note to use when expressing different animals or characters. We are performing songs to each other in our classes and deciding on our own actions too. We will be performing dances to each other as a group and talking about the parts we like the best and how we can improve.  We will be designing and choosing our own resources to create our own masterpieces as well as editing them and deciding what we could do better next time.

Expressive Arts And Design

Understanding the World

Understanding the World allows us to make sense of our physical world and our community. We love to talk about our families, cultures and experiences each week through our Home School Link Books. We regularly share stories which feature characters and environments from a range of cultures and times and we celebrate these characters using song, poetry and role play experiences. We love to explore the world around us, especially using a 'hands on' approach to touch, smell and hear the natural world in our Investigation Area!


This term we are observing and exploring the everchanging seasons and the signs of Spring and Summer. We are learning about plants and how they grow. We will be conducting our own experiments with plants to see what makes them grow. We will learn about the life cycles of plants and animals such as chicks, butterflies and humans. We will be learning about things that happened in the past as well as important people who changed our world. As part of our RE curriculum, we will continue to think about how we – and others- celebrate different special occasions such as Ramadan. We know that places, people and objects can be special to different people and we enjoy talking about this.

Understanding the World


This term we will learning about non-fiction texts. We will be reading lots of books about plants and animals and will be even writing our very own information text. We will be learning how to write independently by ‘holding a sentence’ and checking our work to see if we can read it by ourselves. We are continuing to follow the Read Write Inc. phonics programme and lots of us are making fantastic progress. We have opportunities every day to read and write in each area of our classroom.


Each day the children will participate in 30 minutes teacher directed phonic activities.  Phonics time is great fun!  To begin our phonic teaching we will be trying really hard to orally blend simple words such as dog, bin, mat, pin, map and dig. Please practise orally blending words at home.  Next, encourage your child to segment the sounds they can hear in simple words, this will help to prepare your child for writing.  



In addition to phonics time each day the children will enjoy 20 minutes of teacher directed maths activities.  We

teach our number skills through fun and interactive activities.  Counting when you are out and about is really useful too.  Count the conkers and leaves you find on your trip to the park.  Count how many seconds it takes to walk up the stairs.  Look at door numbers on the way home from school.  The list of opportunities is endless!


All of our hard work throughout the year really pays off this term in number! We will be building numbers beyond 10 by counting, making numbers with practical resources, noticing patterns in number and much more. We will also be learning to write addition and subtraction number sentences with an adult and by themselves. We will be practicing grouping and sharing different amounts as well as practicing our number bonds to 5 and 10 each day. We will also be learning how to double numbers to 10 quickly.





During the year we will keep you up to date with all our learning adventures, share our achievements and all of our news.



Things to bring to school

* Gilmour School book bag 

* Water bottle

* Gilmour School P.E. Kit in a school P.E. bag, including black pumps 

*Gilmour School waterproof trousers and jacket

* Wellington Boots





  We will encourage the children to become independent learners, making decisions such as choosing where they would like to play.  Sometimes we choose to learn and play in our indoor classroom and sometimes we choose our outdoor classroom.  We will be practising putting on our waterproofs and wellington boots all by ourselves.   We will enjoy preparing our own snack,and  making sure we wash our hands before we eat. 


We kindly ask families to keep encouraging the children to dress independently at home.  This will help the children on our Physical Education days when we change into our P.E. kits.  

Things to practise at home:

(Remember to keep the learning fun, writing in unusual places, counting when out and about.)

* Dressing and undressing independently
*Recognising own name
*Writing name independently using the correct letter formation
*Orally segmenting and blending simple three letter words, b-a-t,
* Counting to 20 forwards and backwards, starting from a variety of points
* Recognising the numbers 1 - 20
* Writing our numbers correctly

Miss Orford, Miss Davies, Miss Woods and all the EYFS Team 

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Oxford Owl: Free ebooks and activities

Oliver Jeffers World: Activities related to the books about Oliver Jeffers

Joe Wicks Daily PE: On Joe Wicks' YouTube channel he will be live streaming PE lessons aimed at children Monday-Friday starting at 9am

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Art and Culture: Lots of virtual museums to look around

Drawing with Jarrett Lerner: Lots of comic book and drawing activities from Jarrett Lerner

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Draw along-a-Lenton: YouTube videos giving step-by-step instructions on how to draw characters from Steven Lenton books

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