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Welcome to Nursery


Mrs Turner, Miss Johnson and all the children are delighted to welcome you to the Nursery page.  


We enjoy sharing our exciting learning adventures with you and showing you some of the things we do in Nursery throughout the year.  




Water Bottle

Waterproof trousers and coat (to stay in school)

Wellington Boots (to stay in school)

Book Bag (Friday only please)




We have some very important rules in Nursery which the children try very hard to remember and carry out. 

Our Nursery rules are


Kind Hands

Kind Feet

Kind Words


We have a fantastic outdoor classroom in Nursery too and we enjoy going outside to learn and play.  The children are always climbing, sliding and crawling as well as digging, building, reading and chatting.



Read on further to find out about some of the things we do in Nursery each term.



Summer Term

We are looking forward to a busy and fun filled summer term.  We are starting the term preparing a birthday party for Monty, our class monkey.  We are busy getting everything ready for his party - writing invitations, making decorations, preparing food, counting party hats and party bags, writing cards and wrapping presents.  Please come back soon to find out more about Monty's birthday and also to see what other exciting things we have been doing and learning about. 



Spring Term 2

One of our favourite stories from this term was Jack and the Beanstalk.  We were amazed one morning when we came into Nursery and found a beanstalk had grown!  We talked about what we thought was at the top and, after some discussion, decided there would be a castle!  We then thought it would be a good idea to have a castle in Nursery.  Our castle soon became the home of the King and Queen along with their children, the Prince and Princess.  We enjoyed pretending to be these characters and going on lots of adventures.  We even helped the family choose a pet and we had fun loooking after Jet, the dragon!


During our castle topic, we learned about height,  We built tall and short towers and we planted beans and watched them grow taller and taller.  We enjoyed looking after the bean plants checking that they had enough water and sun light.



Spring Term 1

This term,  we changed our role play area into Space and we had great fun being astronauts.  We made planets, rockets and space pictures and we learned about the planets.  We enjoyed the stories 'Whatever Next' and 'Aliens Love Underpants' and we even had a visitor from the story 'Aliens Love Underpants'.  A friendly, little alien called Bop came to stay in Nursery and we looked after him, played with him and helped him to learn.


We really enjoyed the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'.  Having read the story, we painted tiger pictures, made tiger print patterns, acted out the story, learned about tigers and we finished the term by making sandwiches and having our own tea party.  



Autumn Term 2

This half term we have enjoyed celebrating different events and festivals.  We made some fantastic firework pictures for Bonfire Night and we learned how to keep ourselves safe.  We learned about Remembrance Sunday and painted some lovely poppy pictures as well as decorating poppy biscuits.  We also found out about the festival of Diwali and made our own Rangoli patterns.



Each week we have a PSHE lesson and, this term, we thought about how we can be the same as our friends, but also how we are different from them.  We enjoyed discussing and celebrating our differences.


We had fun investigating numbers and shapes as well as rhyming words and the sounds all around us.     





We love reading and looking at books

We enjoy Nursery Rhymes

Celebrating Bonfire Night

Celebrating Diwali

Poppies for Remembrance

Home Learning


We would like to share with you some ideas that could be used to support learning at home. 



Keep talking!  Encourage your child to talk about what s/he has been doing.  Also encourage them to listen carefully to what others are saying and to ask questions.  


We want to encourage reading for pleasure so please encourage your child to look at a range of books, both fiction and non fiction.  It would be great if the children could talk about the pictures.  


Phase One Phonics is fun!  Listen to the sounds all around and use words to describe what you can hear. Make sounds using your voice, your hands, your feet.  Play games with rhyming words, identifying which words rhyme or which words are the odd ones out.  Listen to the sound at the beginning of a word - what sound can you hear? Make up silly sentences where all the words start with the same sound. 

e.g. Laura licks a lemon lolly! 


Encourage your child to write, draw and make marks.  It is important that they are able to tell you what it is they have written or drawn.  


We want to encourage the children to be curious about and interested in numbers.  Encourage them to count objects but also other things like claps, jumps and steps that they take.  Look at numbers and try and match the correct number of objects to the numeral.  Make groups of objects - are they the same or does one group have more?

Look for shapes around the house.  What shapes can you see?  






Nursery Home Learning Pack