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Home Challenges

Home Challenges

We would love you to have a go at completing our daily home challenges. If you do, please feel free to tag the school on twitter to share your fantastic work and efforts with the teachers - @gilmourinfants


Home Challenge 5

Tuesday 31st March

We hope you are all keeping safe and well.  How did you get on with practising writing your name?  Keep practising this please! 


Today's challenges are - 


Activity 1:

Phonics - Alliteration

Have a go at making your own sound box, just like the one we have in Nursery!  Remember that you can only put objects in the box that start with the same sound.  Why not begin with the sound 't'?  Put a teddy in the box and find some other things by listening to the sound at the beginning of the word.  Can you hear the same sound? 


Activity 2:

You know how Mrs Turner loves to sing!  I am doing a lot of singing while we are not in Nursery.  It always helps me feel happy!  Keep singing some of the songs that you have learned in Nursery.  You could even try to make up some simple songs of your own!


Home Challenge 4

Monday 30th March

We hope you had fun making castles.  Maybe you built other things with your blocks or bricks too.  We would love to see them!  



Think about all the special times you have spent with your family and friends.  Talk about these lovely times.  Maybe you can remember celebrating a special event with your family.



Have a go at writing your name.  If you find this tricky, ask an adult to write it and try copying some of the letters.  





Home Challenge 3

Friday 27th March

We hope you enjoyed making your Spring pictures yesterday.  We would love to see them.


Activity 1: 

Today we would like you to be shape detectives.  Look around your house and try and find different shapes.  Can you find triangles, oblongs, squares and circles?


Activity 2:

In Nursery we were learning about castles.  Have a go at building a castle today.  You could use blocks, bricks or some other construction toys.      



Home Challenge 2

Thursday 26th March



What is spring?  Talk with your family about the season of spring.  Think about what happens during this season and talk about the plants and animals.  



Let's get creative!

Having talked about spring with a member of your family, now make a spring picture.  You could make a collage, use paints or crayons.  Tell your family what you have drawn or made.


Home Challenge 1

Wednesday 25th March



Remember how we love telling our news in Nursery.  Well, why not tell your news at home? Don't forget to use a loud clear voice when you are speaking. 

What have you been doing?  Tell a member of your family all about it.  Then ask your family what they have been doing.  Can you ask them different questions?  



Phonics - Rhythm and Rhyme

Can you remember some of the rhymes we say in Nursery?  Maybe you know some more that you say at home.   

Try and say your favourite rhyme.  Look out for the words that rhyme / sound almost the same!