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Home Challenges

Home Challenges

We would love you to have a go at completing our daily home challenges. If you do, please feel free to tag the school on twitter to share your fantastic and efforts with the teachers - @gilmourinfants


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning everyone - we hope you are all keeping active and busy!

Here are your challenges for today:


Read: Choose a book (from Bug Club or home) - how many verbs and adjectives can you find? Make a list and see if you can put some of them into a cross-word or word search puzzle for someone at home to solve!


Talk: Recite your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables to someone at home. Can you sing them? Try doing each one to a different tune counting forwards and backwards.


Task: Can you think of words that rhyme with some of the items you found on your scavenger hunt yesterday? List all of your rhyming word pairs and see if you can make them into a poem – the sillier the better!


Have fun with your challenges and enjoy your day!



Monday 30th March

Good morning, we hope you all had a lovely weekend and are keeping safe and well. Remember to wake and shake your body in the mornings! (Try Joe Wicks’ P.E workout, 5-a-day fitness or GoNoodle - all on YouTube).


Here are your challenges for today:


Read: Make a poster to advertise your favourite book (or the book that you are reading). Make it bright and colourful, try different styles of writing and use exciting words to encourage others to want to read it too!


Talk: Your challenge today is to use kind words – can you tell your family why they are so special? Maybe you could use your words to offer help or pay someone a compliment! How many kind words can you think of?


Task: Try an A-Z scavenger hunt – can you find objects beginning with each letter of the alphabet around your home? Write them down as you go! If you can’t find something for every letter try thinking of an interesting noun to fill in the blanks! (Good luck with X, Y and Z!)


Happy hunting and have a lovely day!

Mrs Moore, Mrs Maddocks, Miss Agacy and Mr Crawford


Friday 27th March 

Good morning, we hope you had a lovely day yesterday! What lovely weather we have had. We hope that you managed to get out into the garden and enjoy the sun!


Read: Read your favourite story book, thinking about the beginning, middle and end. Can you write an alternative ending to the story? You could draw a story map to help you!


Talk: How many birds can see in your garden? Can you find out any information about the birds? You could even make a tally chart to record how many birds you see!


Task: Teamwork time! Make a picture that everyone in your house has contributed to. This could be a picture of your family or a collage of your favourite things.


Thursday 26th March

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s challenges! Remember to keep fit and active at home too (try Joe Wicks’ P.E workout or 5-a-day fitness on YouTube)


Here are your challenges for today:


Read: Can you create a reading den? Maybe you could do this outside if it’s sunny or find somewhere cosy to snuggle up with your favourite book!


Talk: How many 3D shapes can you find at home or outdoors? Talk to someone about how you know what shapes they are – what are their properties?


Task: Try writing a diary to let us know what you have been up to this week – remember to include lots of verbs and adjectives to make your sentences really interesting!


We hope you enjoy these challenges and look forward to hearing what you have all been up to!

Mrs Moore, Mrs Maddocks, Miss Agacy and Mr Crawford


Wednesday 25th March

Today's challenge is:


Read: Choose a fiction book (from home or Bug Club) and write a letter to one of the characters - try to include at least one question that you would like to ask them!


Talk: Find an interesting picture or look out of a window and describe what you see to someone in your family using as many adjectives as you can.


Task: Design a healthy meal to make with your family - your challenge is to include something from each of the food groups!