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Home Challenges

Home Challenges

We would love you to have a go at completing our daily home challenges. If you do, please feel free to tag the school on twitter to share your fantastic work and efforts with the teachers - @gilmourinfants


Home Challenge 6

Today's challenge is:

Tuesday 31st March


Good morning all!  It was lovely to hear all about yesterday's puppet shows.  I hope you had fun using the puppets to retell your favourite stories.  


Read: Log on to Bug Club and choose a book to read.  Have you chosen a fiction or non-fiction book?  How do you know?  Can you use words such as characters, speech bubbles, headings and labels to talk about the text you have chosen? Don't forget to use your knowledge of phonics to segment unfamiliar words.  Watch out for those tricky words.  Happy Reading.


Talk:  Part of the EYFS curriculum is about caring for our environment.  Talk about how we can look after our home environment, what jobs can you do to help your family care for your home environment?  Maybe you could put your toys away, set the table at lunchtime or help sort out the recycling? 


Task:  Today can you make your very own shop.  This could be a toy shop, book shop, a tin shop or even a snack shop.  What will you sell and what will your shop be called?  Collect things from around the house to put in your shop.  Make price tags for the items you are going to sell, take care to form all your numbers correctly.  When your shop is ready have fun playing with your family.  Which is the most/least expensive item in your shop?  Can you buy two items from the shop?  How much will they cost altogether?  Can you use real money or money you have made to pay for items?  


Have fun shopping with your family


Miss Duffy & Mrs Bacon, Miss Orford & Mrs Slater, Miss Davies & Miss Johnson

and Mrs Alexander & Miss Capp


Home Challenge 5

Today's challenge is:

Monday 30th March


Good morning all!  Thank you to all families that have posted completed daily challenges on twitter and Facebook.  It was so lovely seeing the work you have all been completing .  We hope you have had a lovely weekend with your family and managed to get lots of exercise.  We are getting ready to work out with Joe Wicks, we hope you are enjoying these lessons too. 


Read: Choose one of your favourite fiction books to read and enjoy with your family.  Talk about the story, who are the characters, where is the story set, what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story?  After you have finished reading the story use paints/pencils/collage to draw or make puppets of the characters in the story.  Use your scissors to help you cut out the puppets.  


Talk:  Use your story puppets to retell your favourite story.  Maybe this could be a little puppet show for you all to enjoy.  Can you use lots of expression when the characters are talking?  Remember to tell the story in the correct order. 


Task:  We hope you are still enjoying using your phoneme fans at home.  This week we will suggest some new words to be added to your phoneme fan.  Today use your phoneme fans to help you make a phonic game for you and all the family to enjoy.  This could be a board game or you could hide phonemes or tricky words around the house and search for them.  Maybe you could make a new phoneme fan and play phoneme snap or pairs.  If you are making your own phoneme fan don't forget to form all your letters correctly. 


Have fun reading and getting creative together. 


Miss Duffy & Mrs Bacon, Miss Orford & Mrs Slater, Miss Davies & Miss Johnson

and Mrs Alexander & Miss Capp


Home Challenge 4

Today's challenge is:

Friday 27th March


Well done to all the children who completed the challenges yesterday.  Your reading dens looked amazing, we hope you had lots of fun reading your favourite books with your family.  Remember to keep active. Can you and your family make up a dance to one of your favourite songs?  


Read: Log onto Bug Club and choose a non-fiction book to enjoy. What is the title of this book?  Can you find any labels or headings?  Look for words with more than three sounds such as t-e-n-t, l-a-m-p or c-l-ow-n.    


Talk:  Practise counting in steps of 2.  Look for things around the house to count in steps of 2, socks, shoes, gloves, toys or maybe even pillows. Happy counting!   


Task: Your teachers are all missing you lots.  We would love to hear about some of the fun things you have been doing at home with your family.  We would like you to write a letter to your teacher sharing with us all your news.  Remember to spell those tricky words correctly and use finger spaces.  We can not wait to read your letters on twitter.  


Happy Friday.  Have a lovely fun filled day, we look forward to seeing all your letters.


Miss Duffy & Mrs Bacon, Miss Orford & Mrs Slater, Miss Davies & Miss Johnson

and Mrs Alexander & Miss Capp



Home Challenge 3

Today's challenge is:

Thursday 26th March


Remember to keep active and fit.  Maybe today complete the daily workout with Joe Wicks.  Maybe you and your family could make up their own daily workout and become the new Joe Wicks.  



Read: Can you make your own reading den, this could be out in the sunshine or under a table in the house.  Choose your favourite book and enjoy getting cosy and reading for pleasure in your new den.  Can you see any tricky words in your books?  What digraphs and trigraphs can you see?


Talk: Look for and talk about the shapes in your house.  Talk about 2D shape names and their properties, how many corners and sides do they have?  What about 3D shapes in your house?  


Task: After making your reading den, have a go at writing a list of rules for others to follow when they are entering your special den!  Maybe you could add some signs and labels to decorate and hang around the den.  Don't forget to segment your words and to leave finger spaces. We would love to see your finished work on Twitter.  


Happy building!

Post your finished dens on Twitter for us all to enjoy.  


Miss Duffy, Miss Orford and Miss Davies  



Home Challenge 2

Today's challenge is:

Wednesday 25th March


Thank you to all the children and their families who shared their home learning on Twitter yesterday.  It cheered us up seeing your beautiful work!  Keep up the hard work, we are proud of you! 


Today complete the daily workout with Joe Wicks.   


Read: Please log onto Bug Club read your Fiction Book from yesterday again.  How do we know it is a fiction book?  Discuss the characters.  Can you talk about what happened at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the story?  What digraphs and trigraphs did you find in words?  


Talk: Continue to discuss 'Spring'.  Talk about how our environment changes during Spring time, what stays the same, what changes and how does it change?  Discuss how our gardens or the parks we visit might change. 


Task: Today we would love you to practise some writing.  Can you write 5 sentences about Spring.  Remember to use capital letters and full stops.  Can you form all your letters correctly and sit them on the line?  Don't forget to segment your words and to use finger spaces.  

We would love to see your finished work on Twitter.  


Happy writing! 

Miss Duffy, Miss Orford and Miss Davies  



Home Challenge 1

Today's challenge is:


Tuesday 24th March

Hi all hope you are all keeping active, I have been enjoying the daily work out with Joe!  


Read: Please log onto Bug Club and choose a fiction book to read - don't forget to segment new words.  How many tricky words can you read now?  


Talk: Today is a lovely Spring day can you think about when we were Spring detectives in school, what clues did we find to suggest that it was Spring?  Task: Make/collage/draw or paint a spring picture.  You could include baby animals, flowers or maybe something about how the weather changes in Spring.  Can you add labels to your work? 

We would love to see your finished work on Twitter.  

Get Messy and have fun! 

Miss Duffy