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Home Challenges

Home Challenges

We would love you to have a go at completing our daily home challenges. If you do, please feel free to tag the school on twitter to share your fantastic work and efforts with the teachers - @gilmourinfants


Home Challenge 6 - Tuesday 31st March

Well done to everyone who completed yesterday's challenges. We hope you are staying fit and active during this time. If you haven't tried a Joe Wicks workout yet, today could be the day you do, or why not try a Go Noodle session on Youtube.

Today's challenges are:


Read: Choose a book from home or from Bug Club. Can you become split digraph detectives? Once you have read through your book once, go back through it and make a list of all the words that have a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e and u-e.  


Talk: Today we want you to think about what you are thankful for. Talk with your families about something you want to say thank you for and who you may want to thank. You could even make them a card or write them a letter. This could be for your family, friend or whoever you want to say thank you to. 


Task: Before Christmas we looked at maps, symbols, keys, plans and routes in Geography. Today we want to see what you can remember. You could either draw a plan of one of your rooms, designing symbols for different objects and then putting them into a key. Or if you go for a walk, cycle or run with your family for your daily exercise, you could draw a map showing the route you took, drawing the key features that you went past.  


We'd love to see your work so don't forget to share any of your work on Twitter, @gilmourinfants 

Mr Fidler, Mrs Keenan and Mrs Ambrose


Home Challenge 5 - Monday 30th March

We hope you had a lovely weekend and are staying healthy and safe.

Today's challenges are:


Read: Use your imagination and enjoy creating a reading den. Choose a fiction book and think about the characters in the story. You could write a letter to one of the characters. Think about three questions you would like to ask the character. Remember to use a question mark (?) instead of a full stop. 


Talk: If you go for a family walk or even just standing outside, have a look around you and see if you can identify any of the trees or plants that you walk past. Could you make a tally chart of all the different types of plants or trees you walk past? 


Task: We want to see some amazing spring flower pictures. Choose a plant or flower that you would like to draw and carefully colour it in. You could use paints, crayons, felt tips or colouring pencils. 


Don't forget to share any of your work on Twitter, @gilmourinfants, we would love to see your pictures! 

Mr Fidler, Mrs Keenan and Mrs Ambrose


Home Challenge 4 - Friday 27th March

We hope you are enjoying these challenges. Maybe you could try to learn something new today, such as learning a magic trick. Don't forget to tag the school on Twitter to show us what you've ben doing! Today's challenges are:


Read: Pick a book off bug club or from home that you've not read before. Before you read it, have a quick look through the book and make a prediction about it. What do you think is going to happen in it? Who do you think are the main characters?  How do you think it's going to end?


Talk: Have a think about a goal you might want to set yourself. This could be to learn a new skill such as being able to draw an animal or how to bake a certain cake. Share your goal with your family and think about the steps you need to take to achieve it.


Task: Can you write a set of instructions? The instructions could be for a game to you like to play, how to make your favourite sandwich or cake, or it could be for building a model. Remember the key features of the instructions. Make sure they have a "What you need" section with bullet points and the different steps you need to follow with sentence starters such as 'First', 'Then' or 'Next'. Don't forget those bossy verbs and adverbs to describe the action.



Mr Fidler, Mrs Keenan and Mrs Ambrose


Home Challenge 3 - Thursday 25th March

If you have given some of these challenges a go well done! Don't forget we'd love to see your fantastic work by tagging the school on twitter. Today's challenges are:


Read: Choose a story book, whether that's one of your own or one from Bug Club. Can you draw a story map to re-tell the story? Remember to think about the characters, settings and the beginning, middle and end.


Talk: Have a look outside the window and think about all the different signs of Spring that you can see. Think about how it is different to winter, autumn and summer.


Task: Try to create a treasure map around your house. This could be inside and outside or just inside. Ask whoever is looking after you to create some Maths sums that if you answer correctly you can swap for a clue to help you find the treasure. 


Let's see how imaginative you can be with your maps!

Have fun!

Mr Fidler, Mrs Keenan and Mrs Ambrose


Home Challenge 2 - Wednesday 24th March

Well done to those who completed yesterday's challenge. We loved seeing your pictures on twitter. Keep them coming!


Read: Choose your favourite book and find the most unusual place to sit, read and enjoy it. Don't forget to get a picture taken and tag us in on twitter!


Talk: Stand outside and use your senses and think about all the things you can hear, see, touch, taste and smell.


Task: Can you use your senses and what you experienced outside to create a Spring acrostic poem? 


We can't wait to read some of your poems. Have fun!

Mr Fidler



Home Challenge 1 - Tuesday 24th March

Hi everyone! I hope you are all keeping safe at home and active. Have you joined the nation and had a go at Joe Wicks’ PE sessions yet?


Read: Please log onto Bug Club and read a non-fiction book. Can you write down three facts that you have learnt once you have read it?


Talk: Some of you may be enjoying this time away from school to play on iPads, tablets or games consoles. Have a think about how you stay safe when using these and who you can talk to if something upsets you.


Task: Go on a 3D shape hunt around your house! Find and sort real life objects according to their shape. Can you find objects that are cubes, spheres, cuboids, cylinders, pyramids and cones?


It would be great to see all the things that you find on Twitter!


Mr Fidler