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Class RD


Autumn 2 - December 2018 


What a busy half term we have had!  We are now coming to the end of our 'Celebrations' Topic.  We have enjoyed investigating Autumn, learning all about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate the 5th November.  Next we celebrated Diwali, making Rangoli patterns and designing our own Mehndi designs.  More recently we have thought about why Christians celebrate Christmas.  We used a variety of puppets and Small World resources to retell the Christmas story.  We even had a go at using our knowledge of phonics to write our very own version of the Christmas Story. 


Of course every day the children in our class continue to be fantastic friends sharing, taking turns, listening to each other and being respectful of their friends feelings.     




We have now finished Phase 2 of our 'Letters and Sounds' Phonic Program.  Please continue to practise all previously taught sounds and tricky words that have been included on your child's phoneme fan.  Children should now be able to recall the following phonemes and independently write the corresponding grapheme:


s   a   t   p   i   n   m   d   g   o   c   k   ck   e   u   r   h   b   f   ff   l   ll  ss  w  x  y  z  ng  th     


We can also read the tricky words:


I    the   no    to    go   into  he  she  we  me  be  you  are  her  was  all   they  my 


We are working hard to form all our letters correctly and to write our own captions and sentences independently.  We are  remembering to use finger spaces when we are writing and sometimes we are using capital letters and full stops in our sentences.  


  After Christmas the children will be introduced to lots of new digraphs and new tricky words.  We will also be sending home spelling homework,  this will be a list of tricky words that we can read and that we will be learning to spell independently. We would encourage families to support children in learning to spell the tricky words that are sent home.  




During number time we have continued to practise recalling and ordering numbers to 20 and beyond. We can say a number one less than and one more than a given number.  We know that it is important to practise writing our numbers correctly and we practise this regularly.  We have also been busy solving addition and subtraction problems.  We know that to solve addition problems we count on and to solve subtraction problems we count back.  We  have used practical equipment to help us count on and back.  We have used a variety of mathematical vocabulary and reasoning to explain how we have solved problems - this can be tricky but we know that practise makes perfect!  We will continue and extend this learning during the Spring Term. 


Please remember our classroom door is always open, if you have anything you would like to discuss please call into school. 


Miss Duffy and Mrs Bacon 




Welcome to Class RD!


Autumn Term - September 2018

Miss Duffy, Mrs Bacon and Mr Doran would like to welcome you all to our new class web page.


During the year we will keep you up to date with all our learning adventures, share our achievements and all of our news.


We are looking forward to meeting all the children and their families this week for our induction days.  On the day of your child's induction please meet on the main playground at 9.30am.  Look out for the sign that says Class RD, this sign will signal to you all where the children should line up. The staff will then greet the children and show them and their families the way to their new classroom.


Things to bring to school

* Gilmour School book bag 

* Water bottle

* Gilmour School P.E. Kit in a school P.E. bag, including black pumps 

*Gilmour School waterproof trousers and jacket

* Wellington Boots




Over the coming weeks we will be having lots of fun getting to know each other and making new friends.  The staff will be helping the children to settle into their beautiful new class, we will learn where to hang our coats, put our books bags, where our water bottles go and we will become familiar with our class routines.  We will encourage the children to become independent learners, making decisions such as choosing where they would like to play.  Sometimes we chose to learn and play in our indoor classroom and sometimes we choose our outdoor classroom.  We will be practising putting on our waterproofs and wellington boots all by ourselves.   We will enjoy preparing our own snack, making sandwiches, preparing our cereal and cutting up our pancakes. 


We kindly ask families to keep encouraging the children to dress independently at home.  This will help the children on our Physical Education days when we change into our P.E. kits.  


Phonics Time


Each day the children will participate in 30 minutes teacher directed phonic activities.  Phonics time is great fun!  To begin our phonic teaching we will be trying really hard to orally blend simple words such as dog, bin, mat, pin, map and dig. Please practise orally blending words at home.  Next, encourage your child to segment the sounds they can hear in simple words, this will help to prepare your child for writing.  Your child will bring home an EYFS Reading and Phonics information leaflets, both of these leaflets provide important information about segmenting and blending and supporting your child with their reading and writing.   


Maths is Fun 


In addition to phonics time each day the children will enjoy 30 minutes of teacher directed maths activities.  We teach our number skills through fun and interactive activities.  We will initially be revising ordering our numbers to 10.  We will then have fun recognising and ordering our numbers to 20.  During the first half term we will send home number flash cards, please use the provided flash cards to practise recalling and ordering numbers to 20.  Use your flash cards to make up fun and interactive games that all the family can have fun playing.  Don't forget lots of counting forwards and backwards.  Counting when you are out and about is really useful.  Count the conkers and leaves you find on your trip to the park.  Count how many seconds it takes to walk up the stairs.  Look at door numbers on the way home from school.  The list of opportunities is endless.  

Things to practise at home:

(Remember to keep the learning fun, writing in unusual places, counting when out and about.)

* Dressing and undressing independently
*Recognising own name
*Writing name independently using the correct Letter formation
*Orally segmenting and blending simple three letter words, b-a-t,
* Counting to 20 forwards and backwards, starting from a variety of points
* Recognising the numbers 1 - 20
* Writing our numbers correctly

Our Classroom door is always open, please call in at any time, we are here to help and support.

Miss Joanne Duffy and Mrs Ruth Bacon 

Lunch Time - we had fun visiting the canteen for the first time.