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Class 2B

Welcome to Class 2B!


The children have settled brilliantly in to Year 2 and they are looking forward to all the topics we'll be learning about.


We will update this page with photos and videos as the year goes on.


Miss Beentje (Miss Bee)


We have thought carefully about online safety and safely using technology in school. We learnt how to use the internet, thinking about logging on to laptops, opening a browser, then using different search engines such as google, kiddle, bing and yahoo to explore searching the internet. We focused on safe searches, adding 'for kids' to make our searches more appropriate, and learnt about hyperlinks! 

Next, we became photographers, and used the iPads to explore capturing images, as well as editing them, before compiling a class portfolio! We are great at computing and had lots of fun doing this!

An assortment of activities! Odd Socks for mental health, Children In Need, Caught being Kind

STEM challenge: building a tower using marshmallows and spaghetti!


We have been learning all about the plants around us this term in Science. We have explored the different parts of a plant (we even painted parts of a plant in the style of pointillism, following our story in English called "The Dot"!), and parts of seeds and bulbs, as well as exploring mature plants in our local environment and investigating seeds and bulbs in the classroom. We further explored the differences between fruit and vegetables, thinking about which part of a plant the food grows from, and what is has inside (seeds or no seeds). The children have even planned a fair investigation into seed growth, and were intrigued to find out what happened if a seed had, or did not have, combinations of water and sunlight. Eventually, we concluded that seeds need both water and sunlight in order to successfully germinate and keep growing healthily. 

We teamed our science learning with our Art work on sculpture when we learnt about a living Black Artist during Black History month, who sculpts fruit and vegetables- her name is Veronica Ryan (look at her work here: We taste tested some fruit and vegetables from different places, sorted them scientifically, and then enjoyed sketching and sculpting them, just like Veronica would!

Investigating when seeds can be planted- and then planting seeds ready to watch them grow!

Pointillism plants, sorting fruit and vegetables, investigating mature plants, sorting seeds and bulbs

Exploring different fruit and vegetables- then trying them (we did not enjoy them all!)


We love reading, writing, drama, poetry and phonics! Here are a few of the things we have been doing lately!

The River- by 2B! We loved going to read our own versions of this story to the Reception children on Unique day :)

"The River", by Marc Martin: exploring mystery items related to the story, illustrations from the book, and acting out settings!

We loved exploring poems for poetry day- see the pictures below- but we also joined up with 2D to perform, too! Click on the link below to visit our school Twitter to watch this super performance! James Carter even replied, telling us it moved him to tears! 

Exploring poems on Poetry day!


We have been learning all about Islam this term, and have considered how and where Muslims worship. Our learning culminated in a trip to a local Mosque, where the Imam welcomed us and showed us how Muslims use the washroom before they enter the prayer hall where they pray. We were able to look at and touch the holy book- the "Quran", and listen to some beautiful and musical readings from it. He spoke to us about where he stands when he gives his Friday service- called the “mimber”. Some of the children were allowed to go up to see what it was like! You may also be able to spot the “Mihrab”, the marble niche which shows the Muslims which direction they pray in. Normally only the Imam is allowed to stand here as it is a holy place- but some of our children were allowed to go in here, too! It was such a wonderful new experience- and your children were all so polite and well behaved- a credit to you, and the school as always!

RE-visit to Bridge Chapel to learn more about the Nativity


We loved this term's Super Sculptures unit, where we got to explore the human form in lots of ways- first by making maquettes (mannequins) from pipe cleaners, manipulating them to help us sketch accurately, then by moulding malleable clay into different artworks- both the human form and inside/outside sculptures. We even made tin foil statues of Rosa Parks during our learning of Black History month- to commemorate how she refused to get up out of her seat, so of course these figures were sitting. Finally, we investigated kinetic sculptures by trying to make balancing, hanging mobiles!

Super sculptors! Exploring the human form with tangrams and making our own maquettes/mannequins our of malleable pipe cleaners

Super Sculptors! Using our maquettes to create human form clay figures, creating and painting inside/outside clay models

Kinetic sculpture- hanging mobiles



In PSHE we have been learning about our rights and responsibilities as learners, such as the right to share ideas, the right to pass in PSHE, and our responsibilities in our own learning and towards others in class, as well as in the wider world. We have considered about our class charter, thinking about consequences for our actions- whether these are positive such as stickers, certificates, or praise, or negative, such as warnings- but discussing how making mistakes is an important part of growth and learning. We have also shared likes and things we have in common, and share our ideas in class, often with the help of Jigsaw Jo! We have fun exploring ideas in discussion, and by thinking about ordering by importance, as in the photos below. We especially enjoy listening to the chime bar as part of 'calm me' time, it is a lovely sound to relax to!

Considering responsibilities and what we have in common with others


We have been exploring aerial views and mapping in our unit on our locality this term. We especially enjoyed our field trip where we followed directions on a map to find and identify mystery items. Later on, we retraced our route on google maps, and drew our own aerial maps of the area we had explored!