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DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version)

The Counting by Twos Song ♫♪♫ | Scratch Garden

Another fun video we sometimes use to help us remember our 2s.

Fun with Chinese Dragons!

Fun with Chinese Dragons! 1
Fun with Chinese Dragons! 2
Fun with Chinese Dragons! 3

Super hero dash

Counting By Tens Song Video

The children love dancing to this song to learn their 10s

Our Christmas Show!

The children are so excited to perform their Christmas show for you in the next few weeks.

If you would like to have a little song practise at home the songs from our show are below. 

My Gift For The King

Mary had a baby

Silver star

The shepherds

Here's the new baby

A bumpy ride

The Angel spoke to Mary

Wash the pots!

Hammer Hammer Hammer!

Autumn term


Miss Orford and Miss Johnson would like to welcome you to the class RO page.

There are lots of useful links, updates and information below. 


RO have now all settled in our new class and have learnt so much already! When we first arrive into school we can all line up beautifully and walk in together. We know where to hang our coats and put our water bottles. We sit down to take the register and take turns taking it to the office.  We decide where we want our learning to take take by choosing which area we would like to learn in and sometimes choosing to learn outdoors. We can now all put on our waterproofs and wellington boots all by ourselves and know the routine of going in and out of our classroom. During the morning we each prepare our own snack by ourselves, making sandwiches, preparing our cereal and cutting up our pancakes.  We kindly ask families to keep encouraging the children to dress independently this will help the children on our Physical Education days when we change into our P.E. kits.  


Important days


Reading books are changed every week on a Monday or a Tuesday. The children read with either Miss Orford or Miss Johnson. Please write in your child's reading diary each time you read with them.

Phoneme fans are added to every Friday. Please practise these at home with your children to consolidate their learning at home.

As well as this, Learning together sheets are sent home with lots of information on what we have been up to in class during our week. There are also some fun activities for you to try at home with your child if you wish. 

We have library on a Friday where the children can choose their own book and take it home for a week. Please ensure your child's book is returned on the following Friday so they are able to choose a new book. 

Our P.E. lessons are on a Tuesday afternoon and children require a full P.E. kit which is sent home at the end of each half term. 



Jolly phonics phase 2

Here are the songs we sing with the children during phonics time. Try practising them at home.

Phonics Time


Each day the children will participate in 30 minutes teacher directed phonic activities.  The children love phonics time and we can already read and write some sounds.  We are all trying really hard to orally blend simple words such as dog, bin, matpin, map and dig. Please continue to practise orally blending words at home.  Next, encourage your child to segment the sounds they can hear in simple words, this will help to prepare your child for writing.  Please refer to our EYFS Reading and Phonics information leaflets, both of these leaflets provide important information about supporting your child with their reading and writing.   


Maths is Fun 


In addition to phonics time each day the children will enjoy 30 minutes of teacher directed maths activities.  We teach our number skills through fun and interactive activities.  We are already extremely good at recognising and ordering our numbers to 10.  We are all trying hard to recognise and order our numbers to 20.  Please use the provided flash cards sent home on the back of your homework sheet  to practise recalling and ordering numbers to 20.  Use your flash cards to make up fun and interactive games that all the family can have fun playing.  Don't forget lots of counting forwards and backwards.  Counting when you are out and about is really useful.  Count the conkers and leaves you find on your trip to the park.  Count how many seconds it takes to walk up the stairs.  Look at door numbers on the way home from school.  The list of opportunities is endless.  

Things to practise at home:

(Remember to keep the learning fun, writing in unusual places, counting when out and about.)

*Recognising own name
*Writing name independently using the correct Letter formation
*Orally segmenting and blending simple three letter words, b-a-t,
* Counting to 30 forwards and backwards, starting from a variety of points
* Recognising the numbers 1 - 20
* Writing our numbers correctly

Our Classroom door is always open, please call in at any time, we are here to help and support.

Miss Orford and Miss Johnson 

Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed | Children Nursery Rhyme | Songs

We loved learning this song during the first few weeks of school. The children are fantastic at doing the actions. Ask them to show you!