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Welcome Back 


Christmas is well underway in Class RD.  We were so excited to discover a letter from Santa.  He had sent us a Santa Cam - this is helping Santa to keep an eye on us all.  We know we are all on Santa's good list!  Santa had also lost one of his elves.  We discovered his elf in our classroom hanging upside down.  Since then the elf has been getting up to lots of mischievous things!  We have sent letters to Santa about this silly elf and we are awaiting his reply from the North Pole! Who knows what he will do next! 


We all enjoyed our day out at the Reindeer Farm.  Thank you to all the parents who helped on our day out.  


  Earlier in the term we arrived to school and discovered a castle in our classroom.  We needed to investigate! We made a list of clues and after some time we discovered that Cinderella had moved into the castle.  We enjoyed reading the Traditional Tale Cinderella and we even had a go at retelling the story.  




We have now finished our Phase 2 Phonic Program ( s  a  t  p  i  n  m  d  o  c  k  ck  e  u  r  h  b  f  l  ll  ff  ss   j  w  x  v   z  zz ). Please continue to use your phoneme fan regularly to practice the name of each phoneme and the sound it makes (these should be returned to school each Friday when we will add our new phonemes and tricky words). 


We can now orally segment and blend simple three letter words.  This is helping us to read and write simple sentences independently. 

We are now beginning Phase 3 Letters and sounds.  We will be learning lots of new digraphs and trigraphs (th,  ng,  ch,  sh,  ai,  ur, oo,  ee,  oa,  ow,  or,  igh,  ear,  er, air). 


The children have also been introduced to lots of tricky words.  Please practice these regularly at home. ( the, no,  to,  go,  I,  into, he, she, we, me, be, was, you, are, they my, all).  After Christmas we will be learning to spell these words. 


Please remember that children should read their school reading book regularly (Our class reading day is Monday).  Children should read the tricky words in their books from memory.  The words that children bring home on key rings to accompany the reading books are key words for the book they are reading.  Please encourage your child to read these words from memory. This will help them to read their book more fluently.  (For further guidance please refer to the parents reading leaflet).   

Please also remember reading for pleasure!


Letter Formation


We are also working really hard to form all the letters we have been learning correctly. Please continue to practice this at home.  We love to see the photographs of children practicing their letter formation in different and unusual places such as writing with a stick in the mud, feathers and paint, tracing letters with cars and even writing in magic dust with a wand.  




We are continuing to consolidate recognising our numbers to 20 and we have started to recognise multiples of 10.  This is helping us to recognise numbers beyond 20.  We have all enjoyed using practical equipment and number lines to practice our addition and subtraction skills.  We even had a go at counting on and back in our heads to help us solve problems.  Counting back is extremely tricky and we will continue to practice this lots in school.  


Shape and Space 


We can name and desrcibe the properties of lots of 2D shapes (Square, oblong, triangle, circle hexagon, octagon and pentagon).   We counted the sides and corners to help us desribe the shapes. We also use these shapes to help us design and make our own repeating patterns.  






Welcome to Class RD!


Autumn Term 

Miss Duffy and Mrs Bacon would like to welcome you all to our new class web page.


We will keep you updated with all our learning adventures throughout the year, sharing our achievements and all our news.


We have now all settled in beautifully to  our new class, we know where to hang our coats, put our books bags, where our water bottles go and we are all familiar with our class routines.  We are becoming independent learners, making decisions such as choosing where we would like to continue our learning.  Sometimes we chose to learn and play in our indoor classroom and sometimes we choose our outdoor classroom.  We can now all put on our waterproofs and wellington boots all by ourselves - Miss Duffy and Mrs Bacon are so proud of you all!  We can even prepare our own snack, making sandwiches, preparing our cereal and cutting up our pancakes.  We kindly ask families to keep encouraging the children to dress independently this will help the children on our Physical Education days when we change into our P.E. kits.  


Phonics Time


Each day the children will participate in 30 minutes teacher directed phonic activities.  The children love phonics time and we can already read and write some sounds.  We are all trying really hard to orally blend simple words such as dog, bin, mat, pin, map and dig. Please continue to practise orally blending words at home.  Next, encourage your child to segment the sounds they can hear in simple words, this will help to prepare your child for writing.  Please refer to our EYFS Reading and Phonics information leaflets, both of these leaflets provide important information about supporting your child with their reading and writing.   


Maths is Fun 


In addition to phonics time each day the children will enjoy 30 minutes of teacher directed maths activities.  We teach our number skills through fun and interactive activities.  We are already extremely good at recognising and ordering our numbers to 10.  We are all trying hard to recognise and order our numbers to 20.  Please use the provided flash cards sent home on the back of your homework sheet  to practise recalling and ordering numbers to 20.  Use your flash cards to make up fun and interactive games that all the family can have fun playing.  Don't forget lots of counting forwards and backwards.  Counting when you are out and about is really useful.  Count the conkers and leaves you find on your trip to the park.  Count how many seconds it takes to walk up the stairs.  Look at door numbers on the way home from school.  The list of opportunities is endless.  

Things to practise at home:

(Remember to keep the learning fun, writing in unusual places, counting when out and about.)

*Recognising own name
*Writing name independently using the correct Letter formation
*Orally segmenting and blending simple three letter words, b-a-t,
* Counting to 30 forwards and backwards, starting from a variety of points
* Recognising the numbers 1 - 20
* Writing our numbers correctly

Our Classroom door is always open, please call in at any time, we are here to help and support.

Miss Joanne Duffy and Mrs Ruth Bacon 

Sitting on Santa's Sleigh