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Class RD


Welcome to Class RD!


Spring Term


Welcome back!  What a busy half term we are having.  


This term we will be learning all about Spring and New life.  


Our adventures began when we read the story  'Jack and the Beanstalk'.  

We couldn't believe our eyes when we discovered some real magic beans at the back of our story book.  There was also a set of instructions.  We followed the instructions carefully and planted our own magic beans.  This got us thinking about what happens to the bean once we have planted it.   We set up a little scientific investigation and  made predictions as to what we thought would happen to the bean.  We have enjoyed watching our beans germinate!  We have had lots of fun using our new scientific vocabulary.    


Our adventure continued when we received a parcel containing gold, a golden harp and a magic hen with golden eggs.  We decided that the parcel belonged to the character Jack form our traditional tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk.  After much discussion we decided that Jack was wrong to take the Giants belongings and at the children's request we prepared our own letters to send him to Jack to remind him about the importance of being honest.  What will happen next ?  Please encourage your child to talk about our adventures. 


We have also been investigating the life cycles of different animals.  We received a letter from Farmer Peter asking us to look after his chick eggs!  The children have thoroughly enjoyed looking after the eggs and watching them hatch.  We have loved holding them and caring for them.  The children were sad when our chicks had to return to the farm but we discussed how they needed space to grow and how they needed to return to their families!


This week we have started to investigate the life cycle of a frog.  We are looking forward to having some frog spawn in our classroom for a short time.  



This term we are continuing to consolidate our addition and subtraction work.  The children have been busy rehearsing counting on and back mentally to them solve problems. 

As this term continues we will be revisiting doubling, halving and sharing.  Please see weekly homework sheets for regular updates.  



We have been busy trying hard to read and write words that contain our tricky digraphs and trigraphs.  Please use your phoneme fans regularly to recall taught phonemes.  Each day we are remembering to read and write our tricky words.


 Things to practise at home: 


Autumn Term 

Welcome to our new class web page.  We will keep you updated with all our learning adventures throughout the year, sharing our achievements and all our news.


We have had such a busy first term in school.  The last few weeks have been exceptionally busy as we prepared for our class Nativity.  We were so proud of each and every one of the children they acted and sang beautifully.  

Things to practise at home:
(Remember to keep the learning fun, writing in unusual places, counting when out and about.)

*Recognising own name
*Writing name independently using the correct Letter formation
*Orally segmenting and blending simple three letter words, b-a-t,
* Counting to 30 forwards and backwards, starting from a variety of points
* Recognising the numbers 1 - 20
* Writing our numbers correctly

Our Classroom door is always open, please call in at any time, we are here to help and support.

Miss Joanne Duffy, Mrs Ruth Bacon and Mr Stephen Doran 

The chicks are hatching!

Still image for this video