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Class 1W

Welcome to 1W - Miss Woods & Mrs Wilson


We are delighted to welcome you to our class page and tell you a little about what we have been learning in 1W!


Useful websites Here are some games that the children have loved playing in class.

Hit the button we LOVE playing "Hit the Button" to practise doubling, halving and numberbonds.


Bang on time this is a great game for practising telling the time


Phonics screening resources 

If you would like to practise with your child in preparation for the phonics screening assessment resources are available on this website:


World book day

In March we celebrated world book day. We all dressed as book characters and shared  our favourite stories with the nursery children.


Spring term


In English we have been looking at Traditional Tales. The children have loved reading, joining in and even acting out lots of different stories. We've done lots of work on setting and character, and the children have produced some beautiful story maps. We've even had a go at writing our own versions of "The Gingerbread Man" 


In Maths we have learnt to recall number bond facts to 10 and even to 20! We can use these facts to help us with addition and subtraction problems. The children are also becoming fantastic at counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Now we are superstars at adding and subtracting we are beginning to learn how to multiply-How EXCITING!


In geography we have been learning about our school and where we live. We have been learning to say our own address and the children have produced some beautiful maps of their journeys to school. During around the world week we found out about lots of different countries around the world and looked at where to find them on a map. First we visited China and learnt all about celebrating Chinese new year. We were even visited by some Chinese dancing dragons! We also learnt all about France with Madame Soulsby the French teacher and about the food and customs of Spain. As the children are so fabulous at speaking French we even had a go at counting and greeting people in Spanish. 


Autumn Term 


At the start of term the children were very excited to meet our class bear Ted. Ted has loved coming to visit your homes and we have loved the fantastic writing the children have produced all about his adventures.


In September year 1 visited Croxteth Hall and did a fabulous job of helping Mr Grub and Mr Dib harvest the vegetables. We had a super day and the children were so polite and helpful. We are very proud of them all. 


In Science we have been learning all about the different parts of our bodies and how we use our senses to explore the world around us.


In Maths we have done lots of work on basic number skills. We have looked for patterns on the 100 number square and the children are becoming really good at counting both forwards and backwards to help us add and take away. 


In English we have looked at and written lots of instructions, captions and labels. We also learnt how to use a dictionary and did lots of work on alphabetical order. 


In History we have been looking at the Gun Powder Plot, and the children loved dressing up and acting out the story with Tempus Fugit theatre company. We have also talked about the meaning of Remembrance Day. 


As well as learning about why and how we celebrate Bonfire Night we have also looked at lots of different celebrations including Hanukkah, Diwali and Christmas. We ended the term by looking at the Nativity story. The children worked so hard and did a fantastic job of performing in the Nativity play. We are incredibly proud of all of them and would like to thank the parents who came along to the performance.