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Class 1T

Welcome to Class RT

Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Simon and Mrs. Bibby

Spring Term

We have had a very busy term so far and we are looking forward to see what adventures we will have next.

One morning we arrived in school and couldn't believe our eyes!  There was a crash in our Quiet Area!  After further investigation, we discovered that it was a spaceship.  A few days later, an alien arrived and he was lost.  We decided that we needed to be kind and helpful to him.  We looked after him and wrote to his family and we even designed and made spaceships to help him get home.

We enjoyed pretending to be astronauts in our classroom.  We dressed in spacesuits and travelled in our rocket to the moon.  


Around the World Week

We had a wonderful week learning about the culture and traditions of different countries.  During the week we visited France, India, The United States of America and China.  We also enjoyed a wonderful performance from the Chinese Lions and Dragons.  


Autumn Term

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of our first term in Reception.  It has been a fantastic term and we have had a very busy time.  At the moment we are excited about Christmas.  We really enjoyed doing our Christmas performance for our families, telling the Christmas story and singing lots of songs. We had fun on our trip to see Father Christmas and his elves and reindeer and enjoyed singing some of our Christmas songs for them too.  On Party Day, we danced, ate party food, played games and we even had a visit from Father Christmas! 


Earlier in the term we had fun learning about dinosaurs.  One day when we came into school, we found a lost dinosaur in our outdoor classroom.  We wanted to help him find his family so we made posters saying we had found him and we put them up around school. We also wrote to his family to ask them to come and get him.  We were amazed when we found dinosaur eggs in our classroom and were delighted when they hatched into baby dinosaurs.  We carefully looked after them and they helped us while we played and worked.  After a couple of weeks the lost dinosaur left our school and wrote to us to tell us that he had gone back home.  He sent us all a little dinosaur to take on adventures in our own home.


We have also been busy in our Maths lessons.  We  have learned about addition and have counted on to find how many objects there are altogether.  We have learned about subtraction and have counted back to find out how many objects are left when you take some away and at the moment we are looking at money and making different amounts using coins.


We will keep you updated about all our activities.  We know that the Spring term will be just as busy and we can't wait to see what exciting things will happen!  


Happy Christmas from all in RT.


Ruth Turner, Debbie Simon and Lesley Bibby 



Things to practise at home - 
Writing your name using the correct letter formation.

Orally blending and segmenting simple three letter words (c-a-t   p-e-n)
Counting to 20.

Counting to 30 and beyond.
Recognising numbers 1-20.

Writing numbers correctly. 

Addition (e.g. 8+4=).  

Subtraction (e.g. 10-6=)



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