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Class 1K 
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Summer Term 2017 

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Spring break and the children have come back refreshed and ready to face the new challenges of this term! I can believe we are stating the final term of this year - where has the time gone? As always, we have lots of exciting and interesting activities and events planned for the summer term, so watch this space...!

Spring Term 2017

In January, the children told us all about what they did in the Christmas holiday, and seemingly a good time was had by all! The children must have been very good, as Santa brought them lots of presents! The children told us all about the gifts they received and it was lovely when the children brought their favourite new present in to school to show their friends, photograph them and write about them too.

In English, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading many Traditional Tales. We loved 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We talked about the characters, the setting and the events that take place in the story. We made and decorated beautiful action puppets. We sequenced pictures from the story in the correct order, then used them as a prompt to retell the story in our own words, or act out in Drama. The children particularly enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrains of 'Fee-fi-fo-fum ...' and ‘Run, run, as fast as you can.....’. We also tried to think of as many adjectives to describe the gingerbread man as we could. We drew story maps and then wrote the stories in our own words.


In Maths, we have learned to recall the number bonds to 10 (then to 20) by heart. We then used these number facts to solve mathematical problems. We have practised counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Because we can add and take away with ease, we are now learning to multiply!

In Geography, we talked about where we live and learned our own address. We found Liverpool on a map of England. Then we looked at where England was in the United Kingdom. We learned about the other countries in the UK. We then travelled further afield and went 'around the world'! We then visited China and also looked at how people celebrate Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the rooster. The children really enjoyed the fabulous dancing Chinese dragons that visited the school – they were very loud! Travelling on, we visited Spain with Barnaby Bear and France, with Madame Soulsby the French teacher. We have been using maps and a globe to locate each country.





Autumn Term 2016


At the beginning of the year, the children were very excited to meet Chester, our adorable class bear. He loves going home to play with the children and their families and we have enjoyed reading about his adventures in his diary which the children fill in after each visit.


In September, we had a fantastic trip to Croxteth Hall. The children helped Mr Grub and Mr Dib to harvest the fruit and vegetables growing in the lovely walled garden, ready for Mr Marrow to sell in his shop. First, we collected flowers and herbs. Then we had to dig up potatoes and carrots. Next, we picked apples and pears from the trees. Great fun! As always, the children were polite and their behaviour was impeccable. We were very proud of them all.


In Science, we have been finding out about our bodies. We started with labelling the parts of our bodies. We then wanted to find out about what is inside. We used information books and apps on the iPad to discover more. We have talked about our bones (skeleton), our muscles, our heart, our lungs and how we breathe, our teeth and our digestive system and of course our blood! Then we used our senses to explore the world around us.


In Maths, we have been working on basic number skills. We have read numbers and put them in the correct order on a number line. We have been counting forwards and backwards. We have been looking for patterns on the 100 number square. We have also been counting with care to add and take away.


In English, we have enjoyed reading and writing labels and captions, instructions, recounts and we have learned about alphabetical order and how to use a dictionary.


The children have been having a fantastic time in P.E. with Mr Whelan and Mr Burke, our sports coaches. We started by learning about different types of running – sprinting and cross-country jogging. We then moved on to playing various games. 


In November, we talked about Bonfire Night and firework safety. In History, we also learned about why we have Bonfire Night. The children learned all about Guy Fawkes. The Tempus Fugit Theatre Company came to school. The children helped to act out the story of ‘The Gunpowder Plot’, dressing up as the king’s guardsmen and conspirators working with Guy Fawkes. Great fun! We discussed the meaning of Remembrance Day and the children enjoyed buying and making poppies.

In December, ‘Christmas’ arrived in our classroom! The children loved the Christmas streamers and enjoyed putting up our Christmas tree. Thank you all for coming to the Christmas show. We were extremely proud of all the children who performed in the Christmas Nativity play. They had worked so hard learning the words to the songs and sang them so beautifully. The children were rewarded with lots of fun activities in the last week. The children were treated to a Nativity puppet show by Coverdale Puppets and a Christmas party too. The children also found out about how the festivals of Hanukkah (Jewish) and Diwali (Hindu) are celebrated.